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We are passionate about golf.


We celebrate any opportunity to be around the game from teeing it up on Opening Day to gathering with friends and fellow competitors at the 19th hole. We play in all weather conditions and insist that all pieces in our collection meet exacting standards expected by golfers who love to play the game and who respect the traditions of the sport.


We combine this passion for the game with years of design experience. We love color. We are noted for the freshness of our colors and our classic 'prep' East Coast color palette which has defined country club and resort wear for generations. Details matter. We use specially etched buttons which are slightly oversized to stay firmly buttoned throughout the life of the garment. We pay attention to the seam construction and shaping of collars, trims, and plackets. In particular, collars must hold their shape whether they are a soft knit collar or the currently popular, classic self-collar.


We embrace the performance revolution in fabrics for golf and casual wear. We search for the most comfortable and durable performance fabrics in natural and synthetic yarns. Fabric construction is the foundation of any apparel piece and often the quality most remembered about a garment. All Sakmann Apparel is designed for a flattering and updated fit, and mindful of changing trends, we take excess material out in the right places, but allow for complete freedom of motion throughout the golf swing.


Our goal is to design timely, yet timeless golf and casual apparel for the most discerning customer who wants to look their best on and off the course.